What are inversion tables ?

What is an inversion table?

The primary aim of inversion tables is to reduce lower back pain. The tables are designed to use gravity to relief vertebral pain which becomes compressed in time. The theory of inversion involves putting your body upside down so that the gravity starts working in opposite direction so as to help in stretching out your vertebral column. The tables are based on inversion therapy.

Main benefits of inversion

Continuous use of inversions can promote healthy living by having complete body exercise with less stress and pressure on your back.The inversion technique offers better solutions of stretching and workouts which reduce and reverses the serious pressure of the body through gravity. To date, inversion tables are vital fitness products for active individuals as well as those having problems with their backs.

Benefits of inversion tables.

1.Decreased back pain; an inversion table helps in relieving general back pain by providing full spine traction .It reverses the gravity that compresses your spine causing pinched nerves. While being upside down, the distance between the spine is due to stretch which prolongs the whole back pain as well as minimizing pressure on the vertebral column resulting to a less back pain.

2. Stimulates blood circulation; as the time goes by, our body’s blood transportation system becomes less active. Consequently, inversions helps to reverse such effects. With continued use of inversions, you will see a great improvement in your blood circulation which in turn affects your day to day activities positively.

3. Improved balanced and Posture; Inversion table helps in the realignment of your column, thus promoting the whole body posture. Slumping and slouching at desks frequently results to a bad posture but through inversions, you’ll be in a position to restore your body to its natural curve.

4. Muscle relaxation; our muscles are working every time continually. Even when asleep, our muscles are likely sore and not relax. Inversions are one of the least found therapies that allows relaxation of our muscles. For this task inversion chair are better than inversion table.

5. Disc Rejuvenation; your vertebral discs are of great importance to which Many people are unaware of their existence. By using an inversion table regularly, you’ll provide much-needed nutrients as well as rejuvenation to all spinal discs. Besides Inversion Therapy helps in recovery of ruptured discs such as thinning discs, bulging discs, herniated discs and degenerated discs.

6. Maintained Height; for the record, everyone gets shorter and slumpy as the days goes by. However, Inversions helps to combat this effects of aging by correctly strengthening and aligning the vertebral column. Continuous use of inversion therapy brings a positive impact as aging continues.

7. Improves your lung functioning-blood usually tends to pool in the lower lungs especially in upright position. However, when inverted, the pooled blood is redistributed back to the upper lungs hence providing more oxygen which improves the overall functioning of the lungs.

8. Assists in clearing sinuses; inversions helps in clearing sinuses by;
• Supplying the nasal passage with pure oxygenated blood which helps in keeping your passage moist and working more efficiently.
• Keeping the blood flowing into the head temporarily thus helping in flushing out nasal passages.

9. Revitalizes internal organs; revitalisation of internal organs occurs with an increase in lymphatic system efficiency and improved circulation .This provides an extended benefit of inversion therapy.

10. Improves functioning of the heart; As noted earlier, the heart does not work hard when doing inversions. This, in turn, gives heart much-needed rest. The blood that goes to the head triggers the brain to release neurotransmitters that signals the heart to slow.

5 main brands of inversion tables

Inversion tables are available in different brands and sizes. While buying inversion tables you should put into consideration the weight, durability (concerning warrant given), size, price, functionality and brand of the table.
The main common brands are;

1. Ironman Gravity 4000-this inversion product is priced at $349 making the best product in the market.

2. Ironman high capacity gravity 3000-this table can accommodate up to the 350-pounds per user and 6’6 feet in length.

3. Teeter Hang EP-950 inversion table; EP-950 is a flagship of EP range by Teeter. This product weighs 300lbs and is one of the sturdiest table ever found.

4. Teeter Hang EP-560; this product is a well known inversion brands all the time. It features adjustability, meaning it can be used by the whole family to relieve back pain.

5. Body Champ IT8070 table; this table is sturdy and well built. It’s easy to assemble and easy to use.

The inversion tables mentioned above have a distinctive feature that allows the user moderate the speed of rotation. Videos and training manuals, however, accompany the tables.

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