Benefits of an inversion table – part 2

What is an inversion table? 

An inversion table refers to a device that is designed to enable you hang upside down. It is specifically designed to use gravity to help relieve pressure in your spine due to the fact the spine becomes compressed with time. The theory behind the use of an inversion table is that hanging upside down helps decompress the spine, thus relieving pressure as well as pain.

What is it good for? 

Using an inversion table (inversion therapy) is associated with many health benefits, including the following:

-Relieving general back pain

An inversion table can help relieve general back pain by helping provide full-spine traction. It helps reverse the gravity that has pressed your spine over time, leading to pinched nerves. Hanging upside down with the help of an inversion enables you to use your body to stretch the spine, thus reducing the pressure on the discs.

-Relieving pressure on your joints 

Your joints usually experience some stress after a high impact workout. The inversion process is known to help stretch and elongate the muscles, thus helping relieve pain. In addition, inversion therapy can also help correct some of the minor misalignment as a result of one -sided activities, including playing golf and tennis.

-Enhancing the efficiency of the lymph system 

Hanging upside down is known to help flush some of the waste from your lymphatic system. Waste in the lymphatic system travels in one direction only and therefore, hanging outside down enables the system to flush out the lactic acid as well as other waste that may lead to pain. Essentially, stretching by hanging upside down is known to help stimulate the lymphatic system to increase the flow of fluids, which in return leads to improved waste removal.

-Improving circulation and organ function 

Your blood flows through the body in one direction against gravity. This means that by helping your body lie upside down, an inversion table helps improve blood circulation. In addition, gravity affects all your organs and therefore, hanging upside down can help decongest them, leading to better performance.

-Maintaining height

It is a known fact that an average person loses up to 3/4 inch of his /her height from when he/she wakes up in the morning to bed time. This reduction in height is as a result of spinal compression from gravity. The use of an inversion table helps prevent this by reversing the process as well as stretching the spine. An inversion chair (instead of a table) can be a perfect fir for maintaining height.

-Increasing flexibility 

Stiff joints and tight muscles is known to cause imbalances , leading to improper body mechanics as well as increased risk of injury Using an inversion table provides a natural stretch that gently helps elongate muscles as well as decompressing joints. This helps enhance muscle efficiency as well as improving flexibility and mobility.

These are some of the benefits of using an inversion table.