Inversion table benefits

Are you aware of the concept of Inversion therapy? Inversion therapy is a widely used term in the field of health and fitness. It makes use of the concept, where the body is put in such a pose that the head is kept at a position lower than that of the heart. Basically, it is a therapy used, where the head is kept at a position lower than that of the feet. It is basically a hanging position upside down or at an angle. Inversion table makes use of this technique to relieve pain, ease stress, strengthen the weakened immune system and eliminate premature ageing. The inversion table has a reversal impact on the effect of gravity. This serves to be an important aspect for the treatment of back pain effectively. Here we shall discuss about the 5 benefits of inversion table for back pain.

1. Realignment of the Spine

Our daily activities are often such that they may give rise to permanent changes in the posture and misalignment. Misalignment is defined as the situation, where the weight of the body is not supported by proper bone alignment. Misalignment often may be degenerative in nature. These may lead to postural changes as well. When the body is inverted to angle of 60 degrees, the pressure on the spine reduces to complete zero. The pressure goes back to the vertebrae. A small amount of stretching provides an opportunity to the vertebra to gain back the alignment. If you are suffering from join pain or sour ankles, than inversion chair may be your best bet.

2. Rehydration of the Discs.

During the daily activities, like standing, sitting or carrying out exercises, the fluid goes out of the discs and enters the soft tissues. There is a loss of height of the discs. But, when you’re inverted, the separation distance in between the discs increases. Thus, the moisture gets absorbed in the soft tissues of discs. This increases nutrient content and prepares the disc for better flexibility and shock absorption.

3. Relaxation of the tensed muscles

Muscles of the body are generally in the mode of compression. This makes the muscles tensed. When an individual is in a mode of inversion, the muscles are stretched gently. This increases the blood circulation of the body. And, this, in turn, imparts relaxation to the tensed muscles to a huge extent. On the whole, the inversion table therapy provides a lot of relief to the muscles of the human body.

4. Reduction of the nerve pressure

Degeneration of the discs often lead to pinched nerve or entrapment of nerve roots. This may lead to severe pain the extremities. Inversion therapy is used to increase the separation distance between the vertebrae. This, in turn, reduces the pinching and pressure on the nerves and the roots.

5. Improvement of the Health of the Joints

The inversion table has an impact on the joints as well. Decompression helps to lubricate the joints by changing the suction force and pressure on the joint. This helps in stimulating the synovial fluid, which improves the shock absorption. Also, strong muscles and ligaments are essential for joint support. This helps in alleviating back pain to a great extent.

These are the top 5 benefits of inversion table for back pain. Apply the inversion therapy using the concept of inversion table. Lead a healthy and fit life.