Top 5 Inversion Tables in the Market

All of us must be aware of the inversion therapy. It is the therapy where the head is positioned in such a way that it is placed at a position below that of the feet. The immense health benefits this therapy has make it extremely effective in health and fitness industry. Right from vertebral realignment, disc re-hydration, strengthening immune system to alleviating stress from the lives, inversion therapy works the best. Inversion table makes use of this therapy and helps to lead a fit life. Here is a list of the top 5 inversion tables in the market.

1. Teeter EP 960 Ltd

Known to be the pinnacle of ComforTrak Series, this inversion table is one of the ideal ones for the patients suffering from tremendous back pain. It has a sturdy constructional features, which includes lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes. It has the features of decompression and stretching. It is the table with full 90 degree inversion options making it suitable for every individual. However, the only negative point of this table is that it requires some amount of space with a clearance of approximately 7 feet.

2. Body Power IT9910 Deluxe

This is one of the popular and impressive home fitness devices. This impressive inversion system features both comfort and security at quite a reasonable rate. It is padded and supportive. It’s innovative feature and professional construction make it unique when compared to other inversion tables and fitness gadgets. Though the time for assembling the various parts together is a bit long, yet its user friendliness makes it more popular among the users.

3. IRONMAN Gravity 4000

This sturdy inversion table is known for enhancing the blood circulation in the body and reducing pain and joint related complications. It has ergonomically molded cushions in the ankle region and non-skidding floor stabilizers. It has the potential to turn up to 180 degrees. It is one of the best selling tables till now. But, it’s very heavy to move is one of the negative features of this table. However, the wonderful safety system, superb quality, one year warranty and reasonable price have made it extremely sought after product among the users.

4. Exerpeutic Comfort Foam

If you want to get relief from the tremendous back pain at quite a low price, this Inversion table is the one for you. The sturdy construction, adjustable user height and backrest foam padded are some of the constructional features of this device. Beside these, it has an easy adjustment, adjustable safe tether strap and multi-angle features. All these features make it an ideal device for Inversion Therapy.

5. Body Champ IT8070

This is the ideal inversion table for the ones looking for workouts regularly. It can easily combat stress, muscle pain and backache. It elongates and decompresses the spinal column relieving the strain. It also helps in maintaining the posture. It is light weight, having a comfortable high density cushion made of foam and a backrest pad. All these features make the table highly comfortable. The budget friendly attribute of the table makes it an apt device for the beginners.

Thus, these are the top 5 inversion tables in the industry of health and fitness. If you’re looking to get relief from the tremendous pain and stress, choose any one of the inversion tables. Enjoy a fit life.